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Free Webinar: The 3 Biggest Secrets to Getting Your First Freelance Side Gig (Even If You Have a Full-Time Job)

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The 10-Minute "Am I Still Marketable?" Test

The 10-minute test to check if there’s a market for your skills in the gig economy (and what to do if you're no longer marketable)

The Book That Helped Me Get 6-Figure Contracts (14,000% ROI!)

The $15 book that I recommend to freelancers and how it helped me earn 6-figure contracts (or 14,000% ROI)

The Under-The-Radar Freelancing Side Gig That Pays Very Well (and Needs Little To Zero Investment)

The under-the-radar but high-paying freelance side gig that you can start now (you may not even realize you are doing it!)

How To Connect To Multiple Prospects a Day in Your Spare Time

Tips and tricks to reach out to potential clients even if you are working at a full-time job.

The 10-3-1 Formula To Get Side Gigs From Scratch

The simple 10-3-1 Formula to get freelance side gigs from scratch (even if you have no time).

Q&A Session With Marv de Leon and More!

Ask me anything you need to know about getting side gigs. Plus stay til the end for a special bonus only for webinar attendees.


About Marv de Leon

Marv de Leon is the founder of the Philippines’ premier freelancer community, Freelance Blend. He is the host of the Freelance Blend Podcast - one of the “Top 28 Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” according to

Marv is the co-author of the business book, Cyberpreneur Philippines -- a finalist for “Best Book on Professions” by the National Book Development Board of the Philippines.

Marv is also a trainer, coach and speaker on topics such as freelancing, digital marketing, social media and personal branding, has hosted his own workshops and meetup events and has been invited to speak at public and private events for top Philippine companies. 

His mission is to champion the Filipino Freelancer.

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